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Employer Services

We’ll find the right person for the right job!

Direct Placement

Your Time is Money

You and others can view time spent outside of your specific job duties as non-productive, even when the task is necessary. Managers and supervisors spend many hours taking part in the interviewing and selection process, some of which is necessary and some not. Managers are typically not hired for their interviewing and selection expertise; they were hired for their ability to manage processes and productivity. Front line managers, HR managers and Recruiters alike are turning to Complete Career Center, Inc. as a “Trusted Resource” in the area of recruitment and selection to attract and hire new employees who have the abilities, skills and experience that will help an organization to achieve its goals.

You don’t pay until we find the perfect candidate for your position. Interviewing an applicant does not constitute an obligation on your part to hire. Our fee is due, only after the candidate has completed your internal processes, you agree that they are the right fit for your company and the candidate has accepted the position.

We are confident in the results we provide and prove it with our guarantees.

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Temporary Staffing

Why Hire Temporary Workers?

Hiring Contingent or Temporary workers may be appropriate under the following circumstances…

  • Lower Cost of Benefits
  • Just-in-time Workforce
  • Avoiding Turnover of Employees
  • Unavailability of Full- Time Workers

Complete Career Center will hire, assign, reassign, counsel, discipline and discharge, maintain personnel and payroll records, provide and collect payroll time sheets each Monday, calculate and pay wages each Friday, withhold and remit social security and federal income taxes, provide worker’s compensation coverage, complete and retain employees I-9 and W-4 forms, assume responsibility for state and federal unemployment tax and provide W-2’s at the end of the year.

Complete Career Center allows the Client to control their bill rate. You tell us how much you want the employee paid and we set our fee accordingly.